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Elvis Porras is a versatile and professional guitarist who has an extensive repertoire of classical and popular music for wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions, rehearsal dinners, bridesmaids luncheons, engagement parties, and other special events. For more than 25 years he has played for countless weddings and receptions in Costa Rica and the United States. 

He has performed as a soloist but he also offers options as a duo with other musicians including violin, saxophone and/or singers.
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by Elvis Porras

This album was inspired by my personal experiences living in the Caribbean Island of Anguilla for 3 years. The music is a fusion of classical guitar, flamenco with other popular styles like bossa nova, bolero, salsa and jazz.

Listen to the FULL album here: elvisporras.bandcamp.com

Professional Photo Session

Photography by: Francisco Cubillo

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elvis porras, guitarist


Elvis Porras is a professional guitarist and composer from Costa Rica. His music style is a fusion of classic guitar, flamenco and Latin with popular genres like Bolero, Salsa, Bossa, Ballad and Jazz and others.

He studied at the Conservatorio Castella, School of Musical Arts from the University of Costa Rica and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid. He has taken courses with teachers Leo Brouwer, Jorge Cardoso, Javier Hinojosa, Roberto Aussel, Miguel Angel Girollet, Flores Chaviano and Andrés Batista, to name a few.

Elvis has performed in festivals, weddings and cultural events in France, Spain, Bolivia and in many occasions in the United States and Costa Rica.


"Across the World" (2000) - A collection of popular classics from the world repertoire.
 "Original: Guitar Fusion" (2002) -  A selection of original compositions inspired by the time he lived and worked as a musician at a Resort and Spa in the Caribbean Island of Anguilla.

He is currently available for booking in Costa Rica with a potential for international bookings.





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